Working Remotely: Creating Your Own Office

computer-desk-homeofficeFor my third post on the topic of working remotely, I am going to discuss the most important aspect – actually getting work done. Getting out of the office is a unique feeling with endless opportunities. For me, the ideal was taking my laptop down to the beach and being able to watch the waves crash whenever I look up from the screen. After reality hit, I had to think about what was going to be most effective for day-to-day work. My process came together over years of trial and error. It still isn’t perfect, but neither is being in the office. Start with a plan: For some, it can be tough to get into the workday and just start going at it. It is important to remember that you must create your own ritual to follow. I like to get up, check the news, have breakfast, take a short walk (usually to the beach) and then take a look at my to-do list; all happening before 8am. Not being a coffee drinker, that is one step I never added that many others do. Scheduling time for specific items: Something I do, and even did today, is put together a full schedule of how I would spend my time; 8am – 9am emails, 9am – 10am blog, 10am – 2pm grant writing, etc. By doing this, I give myself small goals and little wins to knock off my checklist. This also helps to keep me focused on what is most important for that day through reviewing my entire to-do list. Work when you are most efficient: If you are an early riser and can knock out four hours’ worth of work between 6:30am and 8:30am, then use that time for the most difficult tasks for the day. The time I would otherwise spend on a commute is when I am able to be the most productive. If afternoons are when you start to slow down, then schedule meetings or do research; whatever requires less creativity. Working remotely isn’t always for home: There is a wide spectrum where I do my work. From the beach to my kitchen table, airports, coffee shops, bars and libraries in between, sometimes we don’t get to choose where we work. On any given day, I enjoy getting work down at a high level in the morning, and then going for a walk to a coffee shop or library to get out of the house. Some fresh air and new scenery helps me get a different perspective on whatever I am working on. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter where it is, only that it works for you. These ideas really are for any work environment, but especially when working remotely. Sometimes moving your laptop to the conference room of the office can be just the change you need. Working remotely is all about finding your own rhythm. I am constantly working to perfect mine. Please let me know your favorite place to work, either in the office or anywhere else, in a comment below. Related posts: Working Remotely: Friend or Foe? Working Remotely: Maximize the Benefits Image Credit


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