The primary focus of my career is organizational and business development for companies I believe in. I have always been surrounded by entrepreneurship and enjoy the business building process. My goal is to provide those new entities with the resources and tools needed to find success. The projects I have managed are spread throughout the United States and Asia.

My professional strengths are centered on planning and organizing with an emphasis on strategy customization to find solutions. Creativity and adaptation, along with tenacity and a positive attitude have served me well in finding and developing those solutions.

I prefer a combination of working individually and in teams to ensure the best possible outcomes. The success I have found also comes from my ability to conduct in-depth research, develop detailed action plans, create lasting relationships, and find unique ways to solve problems, as well as managing others to do the same.

I seek to mentor and motivate those who ask for assistance, and surround myself with those with more experience to enhance my own abilities and skills.

A Reno, NV native and a diehard Arizona Wildcat, I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy anything that requires a healthy application of sunscreen. When forced inside, I am also a lover of reading, films, and writing. I live by the values of love, respect, and honor, using them as a guide through all of my personal and professional endeavors.