Mind, Body and Business

When looking at success, it is easy to focus on getting a good job, the big promotion or a new client. However, to me, success is built off of the idea of maintaining balance. Too often work and business are put at the forefront of our priorities, disregarding family and health. Without these, however, I don’t believe true business success can be obtained. And, over time, it is bound to catch up with you in a negative way.

In my opinion, without health, you truly have nothing. For that reason, it must be set as a top priority. What that doesn’t mean is that it has to take up a large amount of your time. Excuses are easy to come by regarding health – not enough time or not enough energy. For energy, I believe that is a matter of simply having the motivation to get started, but the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. For time, that usually comes from a lack of creativity. And, as someone once told me, “If you are too busy for your health, then you are just too busy.”

What I have found as the easiest and most time conserving workout program out there is You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren. Developed as a strength training program for special operations forces, it is a simple guide that takes between 20 and 40 minutes from the comfort of your own home; 4 or 5 days a week. The book clearly lays out what exercises to do and how to do them. There are versions for both men and women. No commute time to the gym and each exercise can be completed with what you likely already have in your home.

If you need to actually gogym-546138_1280 to a gym, then there are usually plenty to choose from in every city. And, chances are, you will pass one on the way to work. Or, you can simply go out and run; it’s free, easy and comes with a healthy dose of fresh air. Basically, it comes down to what will be easiest for you and can keep you motivated to stick with it.

Get up, work out and you will be energized for the day, plus feel fantastic from taking care of yourself. Research shows that exercise will make you more productive at work and improve cognitive performance. Combined with eating wisely and getting enough sleep, this can be one of the best decisions you make. These things aren’t dismissed because people don’t know it is important, it is simply a matter of making the choice to live better. That doesn’t mean having to be a triathlete, but feeling better today and potentially adding years to life is worth making the positive decisions to improve your health. And, it has the added benefit of improving your performance and abilities at work, which should help with getting the good job, big promotion or new client.

What would it take for you to get started? If you tweet at me (button below), I will follow-up and try to get you motivated!

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