Business Education in Action

When thinking about going back to school, you have to know why you would be going and what your expectations are for the value you hope to receive. These were the questions that filled my thoughts in the not too distant past. I was contemplating going back to school and wanted to make sure I was making the right choice. The reason I am going back to school – I want to couple academic knowledge with the real world experiences I have had in my almost seven-year long career. tumblr_ndyvpvMyyT1tubinno1_1280I would also like to add real value to my resume that will allow me to get the jobs I want in the future. My expectations – walk away from each class with new, and valuable, information that will allow me to improve my ability to help others.

After embarking on my path, I decided to begin working towards receiving my Masters of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno. The top two most important aspects of Nevada’s MBA Program, to me, are having AACSB accreditation and allowing me to pick 7 of the 10 non-core courses; meaning I get to focus my studies on what is important to me. Having left a job I held for six years to begin the next phase in my career, I was fortunate enough to be offered a graduate assistant position. The unique nature of this position is that I work as a business consultant within the Nevada Small Business Development Center (NSBDC); a statewide business assistance outreach program providing assistance to entrepreneurs in today’s dynamic business market. Each client is an opportunity to learn something new and expand my ability to help others in the future.

In starting this new adventure, I found that I am learning and growing as much as the clients who I work to assist. So, to push myself to continue to develop my skills and expand on the information I am learning in the classroom and applying at work, I have started this blog to give insight into what knowledge I am gaining and how I feel it can help others. This will include new ideas from within the classroom, research from the office and personal experiences that help improve my ability to get the most out of this adventure.

My goal is to reinforce what I am learning and start positive dialogue that can motivate others to start something new, make a change or just add an item to the tool belt. In doing so, I hope to provide the same value to others as I am receiving through my experiences. To get things going right from the start, and potentially prompt some new motivation, I restate the same question I raised above. Why would you want to go back to school – for anything – and what value would you expect to receive upon graduation?

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